The Dos And Don’ts of Being Accused of A Cybercrime. 

Cybercrime involves using a computer and the internet as a means to commit crimes. Common types of computer crime include identity theft, fraud, piracy, hacking, spam, and counterfeiting.
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The motive to commit such crimes is usually financial gain. 

With millions of Americans being affected by cybercrime every year, several federal and state laws exist if a person is convicted of committing a cybercrime. Navigating through such laws after being accused is complex, and it is essential to have the aid of an experienced criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN. They provide you with the guidance and advice you require to undergo the legal procedure. 


  • Stay silent. 

After being accused of a cybercrime, you may be emotionally distressed and speak without thinking of the consequences of your words. Investigators and law enforcement officers can use statements that you make to strengthen their charges against you.
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If your case has garnered media attention, do not answer any reporters. Only speak to authorities in the presence of your lawyer. 

  • Understand the penalties you can be charged. 

You have the legal right to be informed of the charges you are facing, and understanding how they will affect you and your future can help you gain clarity of your situation. Each state has different penalties for these crimes, depending on their severity. These may include imprisonment, probation, forfeiture of property, and restitution to the victim.
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  • Consult a criminal defense lawyer. 

Your lack of experience and legal knowledge may result in you facing severe charges. A lawyer is beneficial to your case in several ways. They help protect your legal rights, answer all your queries and doubts, investigate your case to find favorable evidence, and create defense strategies based on the prosecution charges. They ensure that you are charged fairly and help reduce or dismiss the charges against you. 


  • Do not post on social media. 

Your social profiles are possibly constantly being monitored by the investigators and news reporters. You may disclose information that could be harmful to your case. Keep the details of your situation confidential and only share them with your lawyer. 

  • Do not destroy evidence. 

There may be certain documents or other proofs that you think could negatively affect you. Do not attempt to get rid of it or manipulate it. Avoid communication with witnesses testifying against you or the victim that filed charges against you and do not contact them. 

A criminal defense lawyer is vital for your case, and it is necessary to choose the right one. Their expertise enables you to make the correct decisions after an accusation resulting in a successful outcome of your case. 

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