Things NOT to do after a car accident in Grand Junction

No one is ever prepared to deal with the impact of an unfortunate car accident. Sadly, mishaps happen quite often on the roads of Colorado. If you ever end up in such an accident in Grand Junction, you should know the dos and don’ts. Personal injury law is complex, and if you think that the other driver was at fault, it’s best to consult a car accident attorney Grand Junction to know your case better. Below are some of the things you should NOT do after an accident. 

  1. Fleeing the scene. People often make the mistake of assuming that the accident was a minor blip, and they can leave the scene. You could be charged with a misdemeanor in some circumstances. Call the local law enforcement and wait at the scene until an officer arrives.
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  2. Forgetting to collect information. You need the contact number, insurance details, and license information of the involved drivers. Swap this information as you wait for the police to arrive. If there were witnesses to the accident, get their details too. 
  3. Failing to call 911. Do not ignore injuries suffered by people involved in the accident. Call 911 right away for emergency medical attention. If you are not trained, don’t try to move the injured as you may cause more harm. 
  4. Underestimating injuries. You may not have noticeable injuries, but don’t forget to check with a doctor soon after the accident. Because the impact is traumatizing, you may not feel as much pain because of the adrenaline rush. 
  5. Admitting you are at fault. Even if you believe that you could have been at fault to an extent, do not admit that to anyone except for your lawyer. It is quite possible that your action was a result of other factors, and there is no point in saying something that can go against you. 
  6. Engaging in a fight at the accident scene. When you know that the other driver was negligent, it can be hard to keep calm. However, if you engage in confrontations, it could lead to additional complications. 
  7. Failing to inform the insurance company. You should consider informing your insurer at the earliest. You should also notify the insurance company of the other driver at fault, but don’t give a statement until you talk to an attorney.
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Get in touch with an attorney before dealing with the insurance company or filing a lawsuit. 

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