Things to expect from an Ontario truck accident attorney

On-road mishaps are unfortunate and can happen to the best of us. However, getting injured in a truck accident can be a traumatic experience because these vehicles can cause unprecedented damage. If you were injured in an accident in Ontario involving a commercial truck insurance rates or a semi-truck, you should consider hiring an attorney. Truck accident claims are intrinsically complex, and without a lawyer, your chances of winning your case are considerably slim. If you are hiring an Ontario truck accident attorney, here’s what you can expect. 

  1. Free consultation. Most accident attorneys offer a free review/assessment for potential clients. Victims of truck accidents often have a hard time finding legal advice from the right sources, and it is a great relief that lawyers are available for dedicated advice without an upfront fee. 
  2. Immediate response. You should expect a lawyer to respond to your call without further delay. Truth be told, there is limited to act after a truck accident, or else, you may end up losing valuable evidence. Don’t work with a lawyer who doesn’t have the time to respond. 
  3. An explanation of your rights & options. An accident attorney is expected to explain what you can possibly do for your current circumstances. They can also guide you on your rights and the worth of your claim. 
  4. Help with the claims process. Your lawyer is in charge of handling the claims process. They will gather evidence, talk to witnesses, and get copies of police reports to bolster the case. If needed, your attorney will also talk to experts for accident reconstruction. 
  5. Contingency fee. You shouldn’t have to pay immediately to hire an attorney. All injury lawyers in Ontario work on a contingency basis, where they get paid after winning a settlement for clients. However, you should ask about the lawyer’s fee in advance. 
  6. Clear communication. You can also expect your accident attorney to be fair and accessible. Your lawyer is not your best friend, but they should make you feel comfortable and at ease. You should be able to share the facts of the case. 
  7. Trial experience. Truck accidents seldom end up in court, but if that happens, your lawyer’s work profile will matter. If you are hiring an accident attorney, ask them if they have been to trial for clients for similar cases. 

Call an attorney now to know the worth of your truck accident case in Ontario. 

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