Tips to protect your interests after a car accident in Lehi

Car crashes, accidents, collisions, and fender benders are not uncommon in Utah.
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If you ever end up getting injured in an auto accident in Lehi, you should know your rights and take appropriate steps to protect your interests.
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The impact of a crash can be overwhelming and traumatic, but it is equally imperative to take immediate action. Among other things, you should consider calling a 
Lehi, UT car accident lawyer to understand and evaluate your circumstances better. We have a few tips below on how you can protect your interests after a car accident. 

  1. Call 911. If you (or someone else) are injured, call 911 immediately. Car accidents often cause serious injuries, such as brain injuries, neck injuries, and whiplash, which may not be evident visually. Never undermine the injuries you have suffered in an accident. It is also an indicator that you cared for others and didn’t try to flee the scene. 
  2. Call the local police. Utah Code section 41-6a-401.7 makes it mandatory for involved drivers to report an accident to the nearest law enforcement agency. No matter who is at fault or what may have contributed to the accident, consider calling the local police without delay. Wait for the investigating officer before you leave.
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  3. Take pictures. As basic as it can get, you have to take pictures and videos of the car accident scene. The visual evidence comes in handy to prove fault and liability later. Also, if you can gather physical evidence, that is always an advantage. 
  4. Note down the details. It is common for people to forget the details of a car crash later. Don’t make that mistake. Note down all the minute details that may have mattered in the car accident. It would help if you also wrote down all that happened after the crash. 
  5. Don’t admit fault or blame anyone. Because of the sheer impact, people often end up confronting others who are involved in the car accident. Do not make the mistake of blaming anyone or engaging in arguments. Also, never admit fault or apologize to the other party, even if you are at fault. This could go against your case later. 

Contact an attorney

Finding the right attorney in Lehi for your car accident case is as important. Ask around, or check on Google to find names, but don’t delay seeking legal help. You need information on how to proceed with your insurance claim, and the sooner you do that, the better. 

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