Top 3 most expensive clothing brands

Clothing has been needed to cover the human body since the beginning of time. Early people covered their bodies with the leaves and bark of trees, but they chose clothes to wear over time. In its continuation, people have become fashion conscious and are buying different types of fashionable dresses.
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Taking advantage of this opportunity, some industries in the world are making a lot of money just by trading in clothes. Let’s take a look at the best-selling companies in the world and their expensive products.

  • Louis Vuitton:

Louis Vuitton is considered the most expensive brand in the world. Although Louis Vuitton is the most expensive brand globally, the number of buyers is not small at all. Celebrities from all over the world and millennial billionaires are fans of this brand. They prefer to buy their favourite clothes from this famous brand. They sell clothes, sell shoes, sunglasses, wallets, and other things, but they are most famous for their clothes’ quality design. Their approximate revenue is almost $28.1 Billion.

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  • Gucci:

Gucci has taken its position at the top in terms of cloth sales. They have a huge reputation for their products’ quality; Gucci is the 2nd best brand in selling clothes. The hundred-year-old company started its journey in 1921, and since then, the company and its popularity have never waned. Still, their popularity has been increasing, and their number has been increasing. Gucci tops the list of the world’s richest people buying clothes.
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Their total approximate revenue is almost $12.4 billion.

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  • Hermes:

Thierry Hermes had established ‘Hermes’ 176 years ago in 1837. Since then, this clothing company is very successful so far. They have able to keep their position at third as the most selling clothing brands. Hermes’s product is expensive to purchase, and its total revenue is $10.6 billion.

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