Top 3 Most Valuable Fashion Brands In This Era

People of the modern age are very fashion conscious. They also do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to buy fashion products. People use various expensive and cosmetic products to make themselves attractive, and some of the world’s leading companies are taking advantage of this. Some luxurious companies in the world are constantly bringing new products to the world of fashion and have achieved great success. From world-renowned celebrities to merchants and their product fans and companies can hold customers through their attractive product flows giveme5

  • NIKE:

Nike is an American multinational company, and its headquarter is near Beaverton, Oregon. NIKE is the world most expensive company with a revenue of  $37.40 Billion, and they have the most customers than any. Nike is a 57 years old brand. Nike’s most selling product is athletic footwear. 75,400 people have involved with Nike to upgrade their products. Nike is famous mainly for its sports products. Players in every category, from cricketers to footballers to tennis players, love Nike’s sportswear. The number of Nike customers is increasing.

  • ADIDAS: 

Adidas is a 96-year-old company. Competing with Adidas Naik, they are gradually increasing the number of their products. In the world of sports, Adidas is on par with the heroine.
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If you look at different sportsmen’s clothing, especially sportswear, you will see that most of the players are using Nike products or Adidas products. Adidas is the third most expensive fashion brand globally and has a total revenue of almost 21.91 billion. 57 thousand 16 employees are associated with this renowned brand in the world.

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  • ZARA:

A 46-year-old Spanish cloth selling company. A brand that has a reputation worldwide and has more than 2000 stores in different parts of the world.
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Its total revenue is almost 16.06 billion. Zars has the reputation of making unique clothes, and you have to expense a good cost to purchase Zara product.

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