Top 4 Most Expensive Bikes

People nowadays like to live a luxurious life. The range of luxurious lifestyles is not limited to homes and clothes; they have also found luxury vehicles today.
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Car Lovers, in particular, leave more than one car in their collection, including some eye-catching bikes. We will talk about some of the interesting bikes to look at and the price of which will make your eyes go up to your forehead, so let’s start without delay.

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  • Neiman Marcus:

Neiman Marcus is the most expensive bike available in the world. A special kind of object is used to make it. Its body parts include aluminium, titanium and carbon fibre. It had a little more than 1 million base price when it went up for auction, but it sold for an incredible 11 million.

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  • E90 AJS Porcupine:

Although AJS Porcupine dominates the current world market, it was designed in 1949. Les Graham then took first place in a competition with this model bike, and since then, he has been working on its upload, divided into four units.
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The AJS model is the second-highest priced bike in the market at 7 million.
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  • Ecosse ES1 :

The Ecosse ES1 is the third most expensive bike in the world market. Although the maximum allowed speed on the road is 299 kmph, this bike can reach a maximum of 370 kmph, which is dazzling. To ride this bike, you must be a skilled biker and take the necessary protection.  3.6 million is the current market value of this bike.

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  • BMS Nemesis:

The BMS Nemesis is the fourth-highest priced motorbike with a market value of 3 million. This bike has an attractive outlook, and its overall performance is very satisfactory. You can drive this bike at a very high speed but never forgot to bring proper protection while driving this luxury bike.

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