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In the world of today, when the trading has become so much popular, the most common way of buying and selling is through a broker where buyers and sellers interact and decide on a price. However, with the increasing popularity, it is almost utmost important to choose best brokers in order to avoid any kind of loss. captrader review is considered to be one top broker companies located in Dussledorf. Founded in 1997, captrader provides an excellent platform for the traders to interact with brokers. The company is regulated by Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin).

  • Why do you need registered brokers for trading?

A trader requires a registered broker for trading and it does not require the direct involvement of the company. It is important to trade through a registered broker in order that your business in not at risk. Registered brokers are allowed to trade via rules and regulations. In order to ensure protection against fraud, one should always trade through registered brokers.

  • How to select best brokers in the market?

In order to find the best broker companies, Trader Unions is an excellent platform which provides the list of best brokers according to ranking. By reviewing the performances and the profits of the companies, it rates them accordingly. The top ranked companies are the ones which provide the best services.

To avoid wastage of time, trader union also provide the feasibility of selecting one of the top ranked broker companies without hesitation. You will most certainly be satisfied with the results.

  • Is captrader review a good option for traders?

Ranked among the top 3 broker companies in trader union, captrader provides an excellent platform for traders to interact with brokers. Captrader uses Interactive Brokers software, which is why brokers habe same user names, trading platforms and products. Captrader provides access to 7 categories of assets which include Forex, commodities, stocks, ETFs, futures, option and CFDs. In addition, it is also introducing broker and European licences.

Captrader provides partnership with international brokers and provide rapid access to 145 global stock markets. It includes 70,000+ trading platforms and provides 3 types of trading platforms. In addition, it also gives access to analytical service trading workstations.

However, there are some there have been found some drawbacks of this company as well. The clients have complained of high minimum deposit which is around 2000$. The traders are also dissatisfied with the limited education options. Also, people seem to be unhappy with the availability of technical support 24/5 rather than all day.

To conclude, captrader review is one of the best broker company. Still, it is recommended for all to find other broker companies as well which require a less minimum deposit if you are not willing to pay such a huge amount. The market is full of broker companies. Based on your interest and willingness you are open to choose the broker company which is feasible for you and benefits you the most.

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