Types Of Learning To Provide For Varied Learning Experiences

An online hybrid classroom is made of multiple components. The most important ones being and educators, students, and the tools required for providing proper means of education. What is then, the most efficient way of educating individuals? Let’s learn from their meanings and practical examples.
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Types of learning

  • Visual:

If you remember looking at videos for some historical facts and literature chapters, this is a means of learning visual information. In kindergarten students, teachers use a lot of cards that have images and symbols so that they can remember alphabets better and can relate the alphabets with other images that they are shown. It has been proven as one of the best methods of learning because people can retain information better by looking at things rather than simply reading them.

  • Kinaesthetic:

This involves certain activities that teachers initiate in a classroom, this could be done when offline classes are being taken. They can play some games, or the teacher can go around the class and show them physical activities and practical examples relating to their subjects. It is one of the best hands-on approaches that grabs the attention of students because something is being done right in front of them, and is not behind a screen or on a book.

Consider for example flashcards and the games that they can play with the help of flashcards to connect different topics and points in a subject.

  • Audio:

Unfortunately, audio cannot be used with every subject. But it is extremely relevant in the types of learning that involve some musical platforms.

Sometimes, for special learners, audio is used in case they can’t say visuals. You can consider physically challenged people or children who are uncomfortable with video class lessons. Just let them start with audio, and when they find it comfortable enough, they can move to different learning styles.

  • Social:

Everyone had a lunch break when they used to frequent offline classes, but now there are no more provisions for such since it is either a complete online means of learning or a hybrid form of learning. Children and classmates can interact with one another in a social setting through chat rooms provided in a learning management system, or extra time assigned to them by the teacher.

Here, they can hold debates, discussions, and doubt clearing sessions on topics they find difficult to study. The social way of learning has been found as one of the tops recommended means because some students feel more comfortable studying with each other rather than in the presence of a teacher.

  • Verbal:

This is especially done when students are learning various languages. India, as a whole, must look for different types of learning because of the cultural diversity. Children come from a lot of backgrounds where they speak different languages, sometimes they know as many as five by the time they are in high school. Although this is not because of compulsion it is because these languages frequent their households and locality.

In case a few students are curious about some other language that they are unable to learn English by skype by simply interacting with their friends coming from that background, teachers can figure out verbal or linguistic forms of learning to teach them every day the different techniques that they can use to speak another language fluently.

  • Logical:

Mostly used for mathematical and scientific subjects where they understand a means of learning not by memorizing but by having a clear idea about numbers, statistics, and anything that helps them to find a logical style convenient. You can also find multiple logical ways of learning to ace your competitive exams.

You can promote different forms of learning by providing motivational quotes for students and relating them to the given kinds so that students can relate to them. Without motivation, they can’t get involved in any type of learning. Show them why it is fun, demonstrate how they can also do it easily, and give them a firm standing ground for education that they can rely on. Once they realize that learning can also be extremely fun, there will be no going back.
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