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Types of Mantels For Fireplaces: A Design For Every Home

It is important that you have a fireplace cost to go with if your home is designed in a classic or modern manner. There are several styles that suit your tastes and your house decor.
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You can choose between a rustic natural appearance that suits a classic home or a more modern design that is attractive and matches a contemporary home.

An electric fireplace with mantel that looks dramatic and adds to the living space. It functions as a working shelter space where you can show the pictures or drinks obtained over your travels. It can be the venue for showing an essential element of your family heritage or for storing your favorite library. This eliminates the need to put these goods on a separate shelf and saves room in a small room.

So what kind of cloak do you want to choose?

Before you choose, you should know what types of coats and materials are available for white fireplace building. Here’s a basic overview of what is available:


Most kinds of fireplaces use wood, which is easy to use and economical. Wood can be easily created in a classic or contemporary manner. The owner can be sculpted or altered in any design. To complement the room you might paint or blemish it. Cherry, oak, cedar, mahogany, pine, redwood, etc., can be chosen from a variety of forests.

A cautionary word on wood. A warning. Wood needs enough fuel chimney clearance. Measure therefore the amount of room surrounding the chimney to ensure that you have sufficient room to prevent fire threats.
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Stone and rock

One of the most popular fireplace cloak alternatives perhaps. It is hardly possible to overstate the appeal of an old stone fireplace. They also benefit from its durability and style.
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Again, there is a tremendous variety of alternatives. Use cultivated stones for a more authentic aesthetic. Rock, cleaver, granite, concrete, etc. can be chosen. Stacked robes are a highly popular option for design. Read more about 7starhd


There are hundreds of tile colors, styles, and finishes to select for your coat. The design and feel of any kind of home can be mixed. Avoid racks and let the design of the tile take the entire wall or the side of the fireplace to make your tile robe trendy and current.


A marble coat offers a rich and exquisite finish in a particularly formal dining room or living room. It lasts for years and is harsh. Various colorful marbles are available to match your bedroom. If you look for a country, go marble, not granite or slate, because it could harm your appearance. Visit here ytmp3


A brick coat is straightforward to put together, but due to the weight of the bricks, it needs additional support. Different forms of coating with brick are very straightforward to assemble. It is possible to employ exposed masonry shelters in several colors and types of bricks, which distinguish themselves from the rest of the room. Countless variations are available and a mantel style as elaborate or simple as you choose can be created.


Another alternative that can look very contemporary or traditional, depending on the style you choose is metal racks. Besides them, an antique fireplace might stand out if space is not included in the room and you have enough space. But note that they are often very enormous and very difficult to convert in modern dwellings to smaller chimneys. You can trim out a huge section of the old mantle that can affect your actual look. As you may have already realized, there are sufficient cloakrooms to fit any house taste and style. Click here movierulz

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