Used iPad: What should I chose ?

Each of us has popped out the question about buying a used device and doubted if the choice is right. There are plenty of used devices on the stock platform so you will be able to find absolutely anything you want, you just need some time. But which model to choose? The answer here is simple if you here to buy something modern, you definitely should get the Pro version. Tablets Apple has the same disadvantage that the rest of the company’s technology. The iPad is very expensive compared to other offerings on the market. The only way out here is to find someone to sell ipad pro

Here the list of the best options: 

  • Third-generation iPad Pro 12.9 (2018) if you are a student or would be great at the office work 
  • First-generation iPad Pro 11 (2018) 
  • 2nd generation iPad Pro 12.9 (2017)

A guide to buying a used iPad

At the right time! 

The iPad, on the other hand, is best purchased as soon as Apple announces a new model. After all, then users of the company’s technology begin to prepare to buy a new model of iPad. And because new products aren’t cheap, selling your used iPad is a great way to get some extra cash to buy.

Pay attention for description 

Examining ads, be sure to pay attention not only to the appearance, performance and price of the goods, but also to the equipment of the tablet and the reason for its sale. Do not believe offers with too low a selling price. Of course, everyone wants to buy a good thing cheaper, but such an ad should at least alert you.

Do not buy your iPad remotely. Check the model description

Never buy a gadget remotely, but only at a personal meeting with the seller. Otherwise you will not be able to check the status of your iCloud account. You can do this by clicking “Settings” > “iCloud”. Knowing the IMEI or serial number, you can check the lock status of the device on the “Check activation lock status” page. If the lock status is “OFF”, the tablet is “clean” and you are not in trouble. However, it’s still a good idea if the previous owner can show you the receipt.

Pay immediate attention to the package – the lack of a box and original accessories should be alarming. Most often such devices turn out to be stolen, and the charger and headphones in most cases are cheap knockoffs. If the box is still present, be sure to compare the serial number labeled on it with the same number in the iPad settings (or on the back of the tablet) – the 16-digit code should match.

Also don’t forget to check the tablet for compliance with the declared characteristics. Check “Settings” > “General” > “About this device” and check all the information listed there against the specifications from the advertisement.

Check the version (storage capacity, SIM card slot)

Do not forget about the package (version) of the tablet. Check whether the characteristics indicated by the seller correspond to the real ones in “Settings” > “Main” > “About this device”. Externally, tablets with 16 GB and 128 GB on board do not differ at all, so you should reinsure and personally verify that the owner did not lie about his gadget.

Check Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Lightning

One of the most important functions of any tablet computer is Wi-Fi. If possible, check the tablet where you have the ability to connect it to a wireless network. Also be sure to check the Bluetooth and 3G modules (if available).

Check that the connector (Lightning or USB-C) is working – try charging your iPad. Don’t forget to check the audio jack. It is advisable to have headphones for the latter (there are no headphones included with iPad).

Check the screen, physical buttons, and speakers

After the inspection it is necessary to test the operation of all mechanical elements of the device, and these are the Home key (combined with the Touch ID sensor in Air 2 and younger), volume buttons and mode switch lever (starting with iPad Air 2 it is absent). If the tablet is equipped with the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, you should check its functionality by saving your own fingerprint in the settings.

You can avoid many mistakes and problems following these advice when choosing a used iPad. People get used to use their phones for daily not the iPads so it much more chances to find pretty new used iPad and if the seller have warranty left its increase your chances to get lucky!

By the way, you can  jump back in time and watch here to see evolution of Apple products and to sure yourself that sometimes the latest version doesn’t have to be the best version.

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