Victim of Hit and Run Accident in Huntington? Here’s What You Should Do!

Hit and run accidents are common. Often, the drivers flee from the accident scene due to various reasons. Some of the possible reasons for the driver fleeing away from the accident scene include knowing they are guilty, driving under the influence or breaking specific laws, driving without a license or insurance, etc. 

However, victims are clueless about their possible options in such a situation, especially when you know nothing about the driver at fault. Physical injuries and property damage can be severe in many cases. Therefore, paying for damages caused due to someone else’s negligence adds to the already-existing stress. 

If you are a victim of a hit and run accident in Huntington, make sure to speak to a Huntington car accident lawyer who can help identify the driver and hold them accountable for their negligence.  

Identifying the at-fault party by taking appropriate measures. 

Identifying the at-fault party is crucial because getting compensation can be challenging without knowing who is responsible for your injuries. After getting into a hit-and-run accident, take the following precautions to protect your claim and identify the person.
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  • Report the accident: 

After the accident, call 911. When the police arrive, explain all the details you can remember. Any minor information about the accident can help the police identify the driver. The law enforcement will use your given information to identify who the driver was.
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Additionally, filing a police report will support your claim. Your insurance company may ask you to report the accident and provide proof in many cases. A police report will prove the accident, hence supporting your claim. 

  • Write down any details you remember. 

There may be a chance that you saw the driver’s face, license number, car model, or any minor detail. Write down anything you remember. Also, note if there were any CCTV cameras installed in the nearby area that have helped capture the accident. 

  • Take information from the witnesses.

There may be a chance that there were witnesses present during your accident. After the accident, take their contact information so you can talk to them and take their testimony to support your claim. 

  • Get a medical evaluation. 

Never delay your medical evaluation. Even if you feel you are not injured, get a medical examination done to be assured that there are no internal injuries. Delaying your medical treatment will affect not only your physical health but also your compensation. 

  • Contact an attorney. 

It is necessary to speak to an experienced car accident lawyer who can understand your case and take the process ahead for a successful compensation. 

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