Ways to Overcome Low Milk Supply

Understanding the Reasons

If you’re contending with low milk supply as a new mom, or a mom that’s had a few kids and not experienced this sort of challenge before, there are a few different things you may want to consider to help overcome the problem. We’ll explore alternatives here.

  1. Determining the Cause, if Possible

Sometimes you’re dealing with a psychological issue, or an emotional problem. Sometimes your body isn’t healthy enough to produce milk, because it’s malnourished already. In other scenarios, you might have a congenital condition that has gone unnoticed until you have difficulty breastfeeding.
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Before trying remedies, determine the cause of low milk supply.

  1. Trying Varying Home Remedies

Maybe you’re just a bit nervous, or you’re kind of new to being a mom, and aren’t familiar with tips and tricks like continuing to express after your baby is done feeding so your “breasts” get used to a certain amount of production.

When you need to express and the baby isn’t hungry, putting on soothing sounds, recordings of the baby’s voice, and smelling their garments can help you express. You are linked to your child on a physical level, and at another level that’s emotional and not fully understood by science. So lean into that.

  1. Getting Advice from the Pros

You might have engorged breasts that won’t express; this could indicate a blocked milk duct. You could be contending with inflammatory infection for one reason or another, there are other conditions to consider as well.
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If nothing works to help increase breast milk expression, find experts who can help you overcome
low milk supply.

  1. Strategic Pumping

Whenever you get the “feeling”, express. In fact, if you get in the habit of this, you may find you’re almost able to express “on command”, as it were. Follow the advice in this article from the Mayo Clinic on how best to express toward increased production.

  1. Dietary Changes

There are quite a few different foods you can incorporate into your diet for increased milk production. Nuts, legumes, fenugreek, leafy vegetables, and the list goes on. The problem you’re having could be that your body doesn’t have requisite “fuel” to produce milk.

Until your baby is weaned, you might have to go off one diet, and get on another.
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Here’s a short list of foods that are known to be effective in enhancing your ability to naturally produce breastmilk.

Being Able to Consistently Nourish Your Baby

Changing your diet is a good idea if you’re having trouble expressing. Additionally, if you pump strategically, that can help your body get “used to” producing milk at certain intervals. Advice from the pros helps you change your diet and pump strategically with greater success. Certain home remedies might help as well, it will depend on you.

Finally, if you can figure out why you’re having milk expression problems, that will help you know where to start.

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