What Every Priest Needs in Their Office

Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches employ spiritual leaders called priests. Priests give sermons, perform wedding ceremonies, and hear confessions.
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Their roles are similar to their counterparts in Protestant churches, referred to as ministers or pastors.

While most people are familiar with priests’ public tasks, they may not think about priests working in their offices. Priests read the Bible and other books to prepare sermons and may spend time counseling congregants. Let’s look at essentials every priest should have in their office.

Offices need workspaces.

Desks are central features in most offices because people needing an office spend a lot of time working at their desks. When shopping for brand new office furniture for a priest, consider their desk storage needs. Most people prefer desks with drawers to keep pens and other essential items. Desk size is crucial since the work surface affects how many items the priest can use simultaneously. Priests who have a computer in their office may appreciate desks with a larger work surface so they have room to review reference books while using their computers.

Sitting for prolonged periods can increase the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes. Consequently, some people opt to add a standing desk to their workspace. Sitting also causes back pain, hip pain, and leg cramps. Using an ergonomic chair when seated effectively alleviates strain on the musculoskeletal system, enabling people to sit for long periods without physical discomfort.

Priests may use their offices for counseling sessions. Having one or two extra chairs enables them to meet with congregants in their office. Priests with a large office may opt for a sitting area with a small couch, chairs, and a coffee table.

A priest’s office provides a place to store essentials.

Employees in other businesses may have a locker to store personal belongings. A priest’s office doubles as their locker, providing a place to secure work clothes and other items. Priests may appreciate having a wardrobe in their office to store clergy shirts for men, robes, and dress pants.

Some people appreciate desks with ample storage, including a file drawer and a hutch for storing books and other documents. Anyone storing sensitive materials, such as confidential information or donations, may appreciate a desk with a drawer that locks. Alternatively, they may opt to have a safe in their office or use a locking file cabinet.

Priests may refer to reference materials when preparing sermons. Adding bookshelves ensures they have room to store books and other items.

Offices need utilities and resources.

Offices need utilities, including electricity and an internet connection. Electricity powers lights and computers, enabling priests to work day or night. Priests benefit from having an internet connection to email congregants and perform research online.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted the Catholic Church to embrace online ministry.
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Priests received permission to provide prayers remotely, enabling congregants to receive a modified version of their last rites without spreading the coronavirus. Many religious leaders also embraced online therapy. Using the internet to Skype or Zoom with congregants enables priests to provide face-to-face counseling and spiritual support without meeting in person.

Good lighting has a significant impact on a person’s health. Fluorescent lights flicker, and the flickers can cause migraines. Using incandescent bulbs can cause headaches if they create glare on computer screens. Instead of using fluorescent or incandescent overhead lights, you can add a desktop light to protect eye health and prevent headaches.

Sunlight can also cause glare, leading to eyestrain that triggers migraines. Installing blinds or blackout curtains enables priests to block out sunlight when necessary.

Although houseplants aren’t essential, priests will benefit from having office plants. Snake plants, aloe plants, and peace lilies are just some plants known to reduce stress and boost productivity.

Priests need furniture and essential utilities in their offices. They’ll also benefit from having storage space, curtains, desktop lights, and houseplants in their offices.

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