What is Birmingham Known For?

The city of Birmingham has grown massively in popularity over the last couple of years. This is because there are so many big attractions in the city that tourists, and new homeowners, are attracted to. Several factors are causing the big jump in the popularity of Birmingham.
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Below is a list of attractions that may be causing it. 

Peaky Blinders 

The huge Netflix hit “Peaky Blinders” was set in the city of Birmingham. The show was a huge success and took the nation by storm. As a result, there have been Peaky Blinders-themed attractions popping up all over the place. The show also has a very high-profile cast with actors such as Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. 

The show’s Basis is that Cillian Murphy’s character leads a crime family through the destruction of ruined post-war Birmingham. It’s a for sure dramatic thriller with twists, turns, and unexpected betrayal. Peaky Blinders is one of the reasons Birmingham got its name. 

Cadbury World 

Have you ever had a Cadbury egg during Easter time? Well, in Birmingham, Easter time is all the time. Brummies, a common name for people who live in Birmingham, will openly admit that Cadburys are their favorite candy, and they will tell you that their hometown is the home of Cadbury. 

Birmingham is also the home of a theme park strictly dedicated to Cadburys. Like Hersey world in Pennsylvania, Cadbury is a thrill-seeking amusement park and an interesting history lesson. The park will take you on fun and thrilling rides, but you will learn the history of the Cadbury egg. 


Have you ever seen the Canals throughout the city of Venice? People will ride through the canals as a transportation system, and it can also be a very romantic place to enjoy a boat ride at night. However, did you know that Birmingham has more canals throughout the city than Venice? So everything cool that you see with canals in Venice also happens in Birmingham, if not more. 

The coolest thing about the canals in Birmingham is how much they have calmed down over the years. The canals in Birmingham are a great place to take a waterside stroll and have a seat at a pub or even a peaceful boat ride. One thing is for sure that these canals give Birmingham its identity.
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Birmingham is one of the most lively cities in all of Europe, and with this comes a massive music scene. The amount of live music that you will find at waterside pubs is unmatched. Plus, the concert scene in Birmingham is huge. 

The amount of music found in Birmingham polishes off the identity of the city. Without Birmingham’s liveliness and music, it would not be the city people know and love today.
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Birmingham is on the rise, and if you feel like it is a place that you could spend the rest of your life, getting your hand on a piece of real estate might not be a bad idea. There are many hot Birmingham homes for sale that you need to get your hands on now.

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