Your guide to an uncontested divorce in Alabama 

In some marriages, both partners are ready to move on, and they might even come to an agreement on the parameters of a financial settlement. In other circumstances, the relationship is still amicable enough to reach a mutual agreement on child custody, child support, and other concerns.
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In these situations, retaining the services of an
uncontested divorce attorney maybe your best option. 

The procedure does not have to be argumentative or expensive. However, just as you would consult a professional during other significant life events, you should see an attorney. The better part of wisdom is realizing you do not know everything there is to know about a complicated issue like divorce.
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Planning to do it yourself without a lawyer?
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Consider some points below:

  1. Do it yourself divorces, as promoted on the Internet, can be a tragedy waiting to happen. Even though you and your partner are now in agreement, keep in mind that this may not always be the case. There are also tax consequences, retirement planning concerns, and many other factors that necessitate consulting an uncontested divorce attorney.
  2. If you and your spouse agree on a few basic points, an uncontested divorce may be the best option for you: You’re both ready to divorce, you will rather save money than battle, you do not believe your husband is deceiving you or hiding assets, and you can agree on visitation, support, and child custody.
  3. Attempting to do it yourself can result in a variety of issues. Distinct counties have different paperwork requirements, and court officials are unable to provide legal advice. Your case could be dismissed, and you could lose your filing fee. It is possible that the divorce will take longer than required, and you will wind up with a settlement that does not address all of the difficulties.
  4. The uncontested divorce process is a low-cost option for spouses who have reached an agreement on the parameters of a very uncomplicated divorce. Do not make it any more difficult or expensive for yourself by failing to consult an expert law company to ensure that everything is in order and that your rights are properly safeguarded under the law for years to come.

To conclude, an uncontested divorce can be as simple as you and your spouse meeting with lawyers at a third-party site to finish the paperwork. After the paperwork is filed with the court, there is a 30-day waiting period. In many situations, the divorce will be granted without the need for either side to present in court.

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