10 recommended movies to watch this summer

Like every summer, I offer a list of the films that I personally recommend. Here are the titles with a brief description – most are already on DVD-. Enjoy them!

Captain Phillips

A film from the director of “United 93” and the “Bourne” series, which evokes the 2009 kidnapping of a merchant seaman by Somali pirates. Good interpretation of Tom Hanks.
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Heaven Is for Real

The Oscar-winning screenwriter of Braveheart has made a clearly confessional film about the existence of the Beyond.

Like Father, Like Son

The innovative Kore-eda stages an endearing story, in the humanistic style of his teachers Akira Kurosawa and Yasujiro Ozu. It’s about the value of adoption.


After World War II, the US government considered sentencing the Emperor of Japan to death. The remarkable historical film, recounts this fact in a somewhat fictionalized way. Great performance from Tommy Lee Jones as General MacArthur.

Grace de monaco

Biopic about the last years of the Princess of Monaco, the former Hollywood actress Grace Kelly, splendidly played by Nicole Kidman.


This renowned Mexican filmmaker – Oscar winner for Best Director- offers us a fascinating space trip in 3D, with aesthetic and human values. Great performance by Sandra Bullock, nominated for Best Actress.

The butler

A historical overview of the United States, through the life of the White House butler during the mandate of seven presidents (1952-1986). Splendid work of the Afro-American Forest Whitaker.

The monuments men

At the end of World War II, a group of Allied art experts, historians, and museum directors were tasked with recovering artistic works stolen by the Nazis. Fast-paced war action movie.


A wonderful road movie from the director of The Descendants, which recounts the intimate odyssey of an old man who travels with his son in search of a prize that never existed. Moviegoers will like him more, also because of his perfect black and white creation.

A simple life

A delicate film by this “new wave” filmmaker from Hong Kong, who addresses the questions of human beings in the face of old age. Another oriental jewel, full of human values.

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Have a good time with the film and personally enrich yourselves with the lessons and reflections that it leaves you, our challenge is that, for each minute of cinema enjoyed.
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If you have more questions, doubts, or want to send us any suggestions or comments, you can write to us and we will be happy to answer you.

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