6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Really Relax

Working out is good for your health. Reading a new novel is something to discuss with friends. But spending a free evening or weekend on this is not always worth it.

Perhaps after a workout you feel even more tired. Because what you really wanted all day to lie down and join online casino live dealer games not thinking about your physique.

These questions will help you figure out exactly how you want to rest.

Do I Want to Do This or Do I Think I Should Do This?

Do you want to go to a workout because you feel better afterwards or because you should?

“Want” and “should” are often confused. Society has ideas about what is the right thing to do. For example, it’s right to work out three times a week. To see if you really like this activity and this regularity, ask yourself, “Why am I going to do this?”

That way you’ll understand your true motivation. For example, you exercise to feel healthy.

There are times when you really enjoy the activity, but now, for some reason, it’s hard to do. Maybe you don’t want to waste time on the way to the fitness club, because you are tired after work. You can find a compromise. For example, change the club to one that is closer to your home or office.

Am I Doing It for the Process or the Result?

Are you interested in going camping or want to spend time with friends who will go there? Do you enjoy doing English or do you need it for your resume?

Intrinsic motivation is responsible for the process. For example, you love nature, so you go to the mountains. For the result, it’s external. It can be a desire to learn a new programming language to get an interesting job.

It is important to prioritize. If the goal is to socialize with friends, whether for the sake of it to go hiking? This need can be realized in another way – to agree on a comfortable format. For example, rent a house with a fireplace and a bathhouse, where you can spend time together.

How Do I Feel When I Know I’ll Be Doing This Today?

Why is it annoying to think about going to a concert with friends? If negative emotions arise, it is important to understand the reason for them. Ask yourself why you feel this way.

Maybe you’ve had a hard week at work, and the concert is now taking the last of your energy.
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Or you are tired of socializing and want to sit at home in silence. The reason may also be the fear of loneliness: it seems that if you do not go to the concert, everyone will forget about you and will not invite you anywhere else.

How to Notice Negative Emotions

Listen to how your body responds to the emotion. Does the feeling depress you or constrain you like something heavy? Or does it flare up like a flame of anger?

Think about situations in which you’ve experienced similar feelings. What was going on then? How is it similar to your current situation?

What Would I Gain by Not Doing It? What Would I Lose?

Are you afraid of missing the premiere of a new movie because you won’t be able to discuss it later in company?

Assess the realism of your fear. Will your friends really turn their backs on you because of the movie? Or is it the FOMO of lost profits syndrome that has kicked in?

Analyze what will happen if you miss the event. What do you gain if you don’t go? For example, time that could be spent on recuperation or a hobby.
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What Will I Gain and What Won’t I Gain If I Do It?
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You want to skip a yoga class. What will it get you? What will you miss out on?

It’s important to understand the reason why you don’t want to do something. For example, you exercise because you feel good after your workout, but it’s yoga that you don’t like. Then it can be replaced by another physical activity – fitness, walking, jogging or dancing.

Maybe you don’t want to work out today because you’re tired. Ask yourself the question, “Is the result worth the effort I will expend?”

To feel good after any activity, the results must exceed the effort we put in. If you realize that you feel much better after yoga than you do after an evening on the couch, then it’s worth going to it.

Do I Have the Strength to Do It?

Will a painting workshop support you now or will it tire you out even more?

There are all kinds of situations in life: a rush at work, a difficult move, or health problems. What fills you up during normal times can only be more exhausting during stressful times.

Ask yourself if you have the energy for this activity. Perhaps you’re more tired now because of the road to the art space than you are during normal times. Then you can take a break now and come back later.

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