A Complete Guide To Mens Underwears

Even though only a few people will see it, men’s underwear is one of the most intimate and personal items they may purchase since it is worn all day, adjacent to the skin. Because of this, mens trunks should be chosen based on the type of activities you want to engage in during the day, rather than depending on your preference.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of underwear, you’ll need to try a few different kinds until you find the one that works best for your body type. As a result, we sifted through a wide range of underwear brands. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the best types of underwear to wear for all activities, as well as our favourite brands, colours, and underwear materials.

Types and designs

Men’s underwear comes in various styles, yet most stick with one piece of underwear no matter what they’re doing. Some like the security and privacy of briefs, those who prefer the freedom of boxers, and others favour the comfort and convenience of boxer briefs. Some prefer thongs and g-strings. In today’s market, briefs and boxer briefs account for around 90% of all underwear sold. Because every guy requires underpants, even the remaining 10 per cent is a sizable industry.


With its elastic waistband, no leg and limited covering, briefs are immediately recognisable as jockey shorts. It’s common for them to have a Y-shaped fly in the front and enough cloth to cover the waist to the top of the thigh and buttocks completely. As a result of their superb support, briefs are less likely to bunch or rise than other designs. They’re a great option for males who want to wear low-rise or tighter-fitting jeans. As a result, they are ideal for guys who spend most of their day sitting at their desks. Various briefs that sit three inches or less below the waist or at the belly button have emerged in response to men’s growing preference for lower-rise pants like jeans (respectively).

Boxer Briefs

Because boxer briefs include the greatest features of both types of underwear, they aren’t a compromise. They have a tapered boxer-style design but with the supportive, comfortable, and secure fit of briefs. Boxer briefs, like briefs, keep their snug, comfortable fit throughout the day. It doesn’t matter if you’re not in the ideal form to wear them because they look great anyway.

If you know you’ll be working out at the gym that day; it’s a good idea to switch out your underwear or put on compression mens trunks.

Materials for underwear

Aside from fit, the materials used in your underwear significantly influence the overall life span, quality, and comfort of your outfit. As a result, a closer inspection is warranted.


Underwear made of cotton is the most common, owing to its high absorption capacity, excellent breathability, and accessibility. Most guys prefer cotton underwear. Like any natural fabric, cotton has a wide range of quality; as a result, cotton underwear can vary greatly in price and in the way it feels, looks, and feels.

Quality Control Inspections on Fabric

Because of the wide range of quality in cotton, several firms now use terms like two-ply, Sea Island Cotton, Pima Cotton, or Egyptian Cotton to differentiate their cotton. Although trademarked, such as Supima (American Pima Cotton) or Swiss+cotton, others, such as Sea Island or two-ply, are unregistered.

If you look at the data, Sea Island cotton multiplies tenfold on its voyage from the fields to the stores because they lack protection. Every kilo of locally grown cotton is inspected and certified by the WISICA International (West Indian Sea Island Cotton Association International). Knowing that and finding the stamp is all you can hope for.

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