Are online slot games more popular than physical slot machines? 

There’s this reoccurring argument among gamblers about the popularity of online slots vs the popularity of physical slot machines. One group believes that online UK slots games  are more popular, while the other group would swear that physical slot machines are the actual real deal. While each group has a point or two to justify their belief, this argument still continues to reoccur, so let’s take a look at it and find out if online slot games are indeed more popular than physical slot machines. 

The truth is; physical online slots came first. They defined casino gaming, and made it a worldwide trend but the inception of online gaming became the gamechanger.  It made slot machines accessible to everyone who has an internet connected device, and took away the task of dressing up and going to a casino. However, the actual fun of being a gambler still remains in physical casinos. Playing inside a casino still remains more fun, entertaining and thrilling than online casino. Here are some of the pros and cons that favor each group against the other. 

Pros of Physical Slot Machines

  •         Physical slot machines give the real slot experience. They’re physically present in front of you. You can touch them, you can operate the buttons yourself, pull the hand, and confirm that there’s no one at the backend manipulating the values. Just as most readers would always prefer hardcover books over digital versions, most casino slot players would prefer to experience real life slots over playing from their homes. 
  •         Playing at physical slot machines also gives you the opportunity to interact and network with like minds. Here you can make friends and reasonable connections that would prove beneficial. If you’re looking to revamp your social life through the slot games you love, then you need to choose physical slot machines over online slot games. 

Pros of Online Slots

  •         Online slots are easily accessible and convenient for everyone. You don’t have to bother about abiding by the dress code of the physical casino; you don’t have to drive to the venue, and no one has to even know that you’re a gambler.
  •         Online slots provide more gaming options than physical slots. A physical casino can only accommodate a number of physical slot machines at a particular time. Due to limited space, most physical casinos cannot boast of having hundreds of slot machines on ground at the same time. Online casinos, on the other hand, can host hundreds of different slots on their website. These online slots are controlled by software powered in the cloud space, so a single online casino can even host up to thousands of different casinos
  •         Online slots offer a higher return-to-player ratio (RPT) than physical slot machines. On the average, online slot games offer an RTP of  95%-96%, while physical slot machines offer an average RTP of 85%. This means that when you win at an online slot game, you get to keep more of your earnings than when you win the same amount at a physical slot machine.


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