Core Drill Bits

Drills can be used for different tasks like creating holes for pipelines, mineral exploration, drilling maintenance holes, and other kinds of large-diameter penetrations. Core drill bits are equipment specifically designed to remove a cylindrical material. The core is referred to as the material left inside the drill bit.

Working on a construction project requires specific tools to complete a task. The structure, material, strength, and product type determine the finished outcome. The drill bit material depends on the kind of use.

Choosing the correct type of drill bit for the project requires you to know the intensity of the work to be done.

Core Bits Specifications

Core bits can have different applications and can be used in drilling various materials. These materials can be glass, tile, rock/stone, concrete, hard metals, masonry products, and ceramics. There is a particular specification required of the drill bits for such drilling requirements to give the proper cutting.

The following are the specifications that come for the drill bits:

  • Individual Drill or Drill Set
  • High-Speed Steel, Diamond/PCD
  • Coasting/Finish- TiAIN, CrN, Bronze, and others

Materials Used in Core Drill Bits

Every drill has its suitability and purpose. Thus it comes with different built and materials. Using the right bit of material increases the efficiency of the project. Most all bits are made of metal due to their toughness. The difference arises in the composition of the metal.

Below is a list of the most common materials that are used in drill bits:

  • High-Speed Steel HSS is the most commonly used material in manufacturing drill bits. It is best suited for drilling wood, plastic, and soft metals. HSS bit is made from carbon steel with additives like chromium and vanadium.
  • Cobalt As cobalt has an immense structural strength, its drill bits are used for drilling stainless steel and rigid materials. Cobalt alloys can withstand heat and have exceptional resistance.
  • Carbide-Tipped Carbides are known to be one of the strongest substances known to humankind, with a Mohs hardness of 5. It is, therefore, costly and might not be feasible for every buyer, because of which the tip is made of Carbide. Carbide can be used for tile, concrete drilling, and masonry.
  • Solid Carbide When the cutting needs to be done of extremely tough materials, it is best to use solid carbide bits made entirely out of Carbide.

Power Choices for Core Drills

The core drills come with 3 power choices. They are electric, pneumatic or air-powered, and hydraulic. All of these require a power source such as a generator. The availability of the power and the work surrounding the project site determine which source is suitable for the drilling requirement.

Why is Diamond Core Drill Most Commonly Used?

Since the diamond core drill has been made, it has revolutionized the construction industry as it has an exact cutting. It can extract core samples from the concrete environment, which are very hard to drill.

Final Word

Not every core bit would be equal and suitable in all sites. The selection of the wrong drill bit can lead to broken bits and higher operations costs.

Selecting the right core drill bit will help you complete the task with efficiency and possible charges. It would be best to consider the aggregate hardness and psi of the material before choosing the drill bit.

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