Crucial Computer Parts for Gamers

All of us, at one point or another, have played a computer or video game.
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Where cards and board games were once the only games you could find in a home, now almost every computing device – from iPhones to Smart TVs and, of course, desktop computers and laptops – offers gaming opportunities for casual players and serious gamers alike. 

Whether you’re the type of person who occasionally picks up the iPhone to play a game of Candy Crush or whether you are likely to spend hours smashing your Xbox controller as you re-play the Mass Effect trilogy one more time, here are some of the most important computer parts you need to consider for your gaming needs.

Screen Size

There are many different ways to enjoy gaming and many different devices to game on. However, one thing that should be of critical importance to every gamer is the size and type of the screen they are playing on.
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The screen of a computer is the only way in which we can receive meaningful information from it; while the sound is important to many games (the soundtrack to
Stardew Valley, for example, has a loyal cult following), it is the screen that will allow you to see the action and understand your own part in it as you play.

Some games are designed to be enjoyed on the small screen of a phone, like Angry Birds or Tetris, but others with more detail require a larger area of graphical representation. With that in mind, 24 inch gaming monitors are a great addition to computers on which you’re playing detail-oriented video games and engrossing multiplayers: you can buy them as a part of entire computers or else purchase them separately to add to your existing system.

Tap, Click, or Type

After the screen, the most important thing to consider when playing computer or video games is the way in which you manually engage with the game. Studies have shown that how we physically get involved with the games of our choice massively influences our experience of playing. 

Understanding how the gaming platform works with different technologies can help you get the best experience from your game: a tap-based game like Sim City might not be great on a desktop, while a multi-level retro adventure game would probably better suit a keyboard! Keep your options in mind and switch up your device depending on the game you are playing at the moment!

Mods and Add-ons

Far from being stuck with the set options of your computing systems, nowadays, there are plenty of customizable tools to help you make your gaming experience the best it can be. Gamer mods, or modifications to the software of a game made by its users and shared on the internet, are an accessible and interesting way to adapt your gaming experience. These mods are often free, and you can even learn to make your own!
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Far from being the limited experience it used to be, gaming is now an expansive digital universe that you can totally customize with the right computer parts and knowledge.

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