How to Keep You Up With the Modern Fashion Trends

It is never easy to keep up with the latest trends but if you want to be in with the latest then vintage jewellery will be the way to go.
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There are so many advantages of vintage jewellery, as it adds an interesting twist to your outfit and makes a bold statement. The styles available today mean that you can find a style to suit every occasion whether it’s for work or play. We take a look at some of the latest trends and where to buy beautiful vintage charms for yourself.

Consider vintage charms

If you are looking for a new way to add a little zing to your outfit, why not consider vintage charms? It’s an affordable alternative to buying brand new diamond and gold jewellery. A popular choice for this season is vintage silver charm bracelets. These stunning jewellery pieces feature sparkling gems and have been crafted from authentic vintage pieces dating back to the 1920s.
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If you really want to stand out this year then why not invest in some vintage charms?

Wear vintage jewellery 

Another great way to stay in with the vintage fashion trend is to wear vintage jewellery with a little flair. Why not try something bold like a vintage charm necklace with a pendant made from beads from the 1940s? Look at new combinations such as a pearl necklace with a vintage silver ring or a vintage charm chain with a vintage silver pendant. By keeping up with the latest trends you can always have an exciting time with vintage jewellery.

Consider overall look

As with all fashion accessories, it is important to choose the right piece. When picking out your vintage charms for this year, don’t just opt for a few that catch your eye. Use them to create a whole look which will last through several seasons. Start out with a few basic pieces, such as a charm bracelet, earrings and necklace and add to it gradually as you feel like you have the time to invest in more vintage charms. Vintage jewellery is a very personal choice and you will be able to incorporate your own personal style into your look.

Jewellery with a bit razzle-up edge

A popular trend this season is to wear jewellery with a bit of a razzle-up edge. This means you are not so stuck on following the classic, white-tie-and-white-shoes look. Instead of sticking to the same metallic colours that are in vogue every year, it is important to wear more colourful, bold and individual jewellery. Keep your eyes open for unusual pieces that will have just what you need to turn a plain outfit into an individual fashion statement. With vintage charms and vintage brooches to help you with this look, you will never be left wondering how to top off a stunning outfit.

At last

If you want to find out more about how to wear vintage charms and vintage brooches to keep you up with the modern fashion trends this season, why not have a look online at Carus Jewellery. There are many wonderful fashion websites that offer advice and inspiration for how to wear the latest accessories. You can also get inspiration by checking out what celebrities are wearing in the most stylish magazines. In particular, celebrity makeup artists will have some great tips and advice for how to make your skin look fresh and luminous.


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