How to Make CBD Gummies?

Have you ever tried CBD gummies? If you have, you must have noticed the resemblance of these CBD-infused treats with regular candies.

Although the market is flooded with such edibles, you can make a homemade version of these treats, granted you are in the mood for some cooking. The process of making CBD candies is quick and straightforward, as it involves a limited number of ingredients and utensils.

Depending on your preferences, you can make gelatin or vegan gummies that are both chewy and delicious.

Follow the handy tips below to make sure the recipe is successful.

Get equipped with the necessary ingredients

The very first step of your gummy-making experience should be obtaining the necessary ingredients. The choice of ingredients would depend on whether you will be making microwave or stovetop vegan gummies. If making the former, you’d need a cup of fruity beverage, like lemonade or juice, two tablespoons of corn syrup, four packets of unflavored gelatin, and most importantly, one and a half teaspoons of CBD oil.

If making stovetop vegan CBD gummies, you’d also need a cup of fruit juice or lemonade, two tablespoons of honey/agave, six grams of agar powder, and one and a half teaspoon of CBD oil. Learn more about the meaning, taste, and storage of agar-agar. Both recipes are designed for making thirty gummies.

How to make microwave CBD gummies?

Prior to starting the process, make sure you purchase a silicone mold with thirty gummy cavities. If you cannot find a mold of the correct size, you can purchase two or three smaller molds. Once you have the mold in front of you, spray it with a non-stick cooking spray for the treats to get released without too much effort once done.

Moreover, the mold should be placed either on a baking sheet or a baking tray. It’s essential for the tray or baking sheet to fit inside your fridge. The following task is pouring the corn syrup, gelatin, and fruity beverage into a measuring jug, which should be microwave safe. As already mentioned, CBD gummies can be made with juice or lemonade, provided the juice contains no kiwi, mango, pineapple, figs, etc.

The next step is using a spoon to stir the mixture and allow it to rest for a minute. While the liquid sits shortly, the gelatin will hydrate, but it will not dissolve entirely. The process of dissolution will occur once the liquid is heated in a microwave. The liquid should be microwaved for a minute by putting the jug in your microwave unit.

Additionally, you should let the liquid heat for thirty seconds, then stir the mixture again, and return the jug inside the microwave for another thirty seconds. In case there is still grainy gelatin in the mixture, you should microwave it for thirty more seconds. Once you finally take the jug out of the microwave, let the liquid rest for approximately fifteen minutes in order for it to thicken and resemble a gel. Afterward, it’s time to add CBD oil of any strength.

Individuals looking to make mil-strength gummies should use CBD oil of fifty mg. Those interested in making gummies with a stronger effect should use oil of higher strength. Make sure your mixture is stirred properly for the oil to be incorporated well. Then, the liquid should be poured into the mold slowly by ensuring each cavity is filled to the top.

The baking sheet/tray you previously placed under the mold should be moved inside the fridge once the cavities are filled. The ultimate step is to remove the gummies from the microwave-safe mold and put them in a container that’s airtight. Although you will keep them inside the fridge, don’t use them for longer than a week.

How to make stovetop vegan CBD gummies?

When making stovetop vegan gummies, you should put the honey, juice/lemonade, and agar powder in a saucepan of small size. The mixture should be whisked for five minutes until the agar powder and honey become seamless. The agar powder requires five minutes to hydrate.

If you aren’t into cooking, you can find plenty of vegan CBD gummies online. Follow this URL,, to get familiar with the properties of vegan cannabidiol-infused gummies. Nevertheless, if you decide to prepare them yourself, place the saucepan on the stove and whisk the mixture until it boils. You should keep whisking until the powder dissolves and the liquid becomes thicker.

Afterward, make sure to turn off the stove and add the required amount of CBD oil, which is one and a half teaspoons. The strength of cannabidiol you select is up to you. Once again, you will need a silicone mold for candies with thirty cavities. The easiest way to ensure these treats are removed without any problems is to use a non-stick cooking spray or melted coconut oil to coat the cavities.

For greater precision, you should use a pipette to squeeze the mixture into the silicone mold. Unless you have a pipette, you can use a tiny spoon instead. The penultimate step is to refrigerate the treats for half an hour until they become firm. Finally, you should pull the mold back for the candies to fall out.

Final word

If you do not mind spending some time in the kitchen, why not test your cooking skills and make homemade CBD gummies?

It’s worth the shot!

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