List of Best Flower Bouquets to Express Your Heartfelt Feelings

There is no doubt that flowers are the best medium which expresses the expression of happiness, love and care in the best possible way.
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Flowers can express feelings that cannot be expressed in words. No matter what you are celebrating, you can always gift a bouquet of flowers to express your love, care and affection towards someone. Here is a list of the best flower bouquets that you can gift someone to express your heartfelt feelings:


Attractive carnations are lightly scented and beautiful. Carnations are not only one of the most common flowers, but they are a popular choice when it comes to gift bouquets. Yellow carnations are not meant to express your love to someone, but to express sympathy, feelings of sadness, and to ask for forgiveness.
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When you are truly in love with somebody and wish to express your heartfelt feelings, you can express your feelings this way. These flowers stand for integrity, loyalty and strong moral values. You can gift a bouquet of these wonderful flowers to someone when you are ready to be their person.


Next on the list is beautiful blooms- Lilies. These flowers wither in winter, although its bulbs survive but remain dormant. Good luck, blessings, devotion are also feelings that lilies can properly express for you and if you want to gift someone at their wedding then a bouquet of flowers can be the perfect choice.

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Red Rose

Nothing says I love you like a bunch of red roses. The red rose has been a classic expression of romance since ancient times. So the best way to tell someone that they are special or that you love them, a bouquet of red roses is one of the best choices!


Tulips are large and distinctive flowers that were initially cultivated by the Turks. The tulip flower is considered by Europeans to be a symbol of the Ottoman Empire. Tulips may not be mentioned among the commonly popular types of flowers, but that doesn’t change how beautiful and delightful they are.


Orchids belong to a large family of flowers and have flowers that are colorful and fragrant. These flowers are known to symbolize large families, especially families with many children. Orchids have secured their name among the most popular flowers in the world. So, it goes without saying that they are heavily used on all kinds of occasions.


Dahlias are summer flowers that will brighten up your garden or home with their beautiful tones. These flowers come in different colors and sizes, which makes them perfect for your garden or the bouquet you want to create.


Jasmine flowers are widely used for various purposes but you can’t deny its beauty. This beautiful flowers look great tied in a bunch. Indian jasmine is known as Juhi in Hindi and the other as Mogra. Madagascar jasmine is the most popular wedding flower in the world, followed by peonies, roses and lilies of the valley.


Daisy is easily found around the planet. Their beauty makes them a perfect pick for your loved ones. Daisies make one of the most popular garden flowers because they are so pleasant to look at.
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Daffodil flowers are highly preferred for bouquet making. Daffodils are available in varieties as well as they are highly recurring flowers, which is why bouquets of daffodil flowers are in high supply and are easily gifted on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


Gerbera is a flower that is available in various colors. Different varieties of Gerbera have different meanings, such as innocence, purity, cheerfulness, etc. Therefore, florists choose Gerbera to make bouquets for various occasions. Gerbera flower arrangements add that lil extra charm and make the relationship stronger.

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Zinnia come in a wide range of colors and the best thing about them? You don’t need to be an expert to plant them in your garden. They will grow straight from seed so there will be no reason for you to go through the slow process of defrosting them.

You can choose such flowers to make a special bouquet to delight your loved ones on special days. Just find the best florist in Bangalore or wherever you reside and simply order it online and get it delivered right at your doorsteps.

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