Make Your First Appointment with Yourself

For any time-management system to work, it has to be used continually. Before you go on, make an appointment with yourself for the end of the week—Sunday night is perfect—to sit down and plan for the following week. You don’t have to spend a lot of time—half an hour is probably all it will take to review your commitments for the week and schedule the necessary study time.

How to Organize Your Time

Despite its brevity, this may just be the best time you spend all week, because you will reap the benefits of it throughout the week and beyond! First, identify anything you need to do this week that is not yet written in on your daily calendar.Movie rulz  : visit here

Look at your long-term calendar to determine what tasks need to be completed this week for all of your major school projects. Add any additional tasks that must be done—from sending a birthday present to your sister to attending your monthly volunteer meeting to completing homework that may have just been assigned.

Remember to break any long-term or difficult projects into small, “bite-size” tasks that can be included on your schedule. As Henry Ford said, “Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” Hence, the assembly line.Read more about Tamilmv

Last Words:

Once you have created your list, you can move on to the next step— putting your tasks in order of importance

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