Medium and Seer: What are the differences between them

We are now in the modern world but psychic reading is not necessarily “extinct”. Humans are spiritual beings so most of them cannot really escape from spiritual solutions in their lives.
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That is what explains why religion is predicted to exist forever because humans are not creatures who can rely only on rational thoughts. Psychic reading is one of the spiritual remedies available and thanks to Internet technology, anyone can access it without having to go to remote villages or suburban areas to just meet a psychic. When we talk about the psychic, we will often be dealing with mediums and seers.

What is a medium? What is a seer? The world of clairvoyance is not linear or homogeneous, each case is different and each person with gifts of clairvoyance and / or mediumship is completely different from the rest. No two seers or mediums are the same, they have many differences between them and even the mediums or seers of the same family or lineage do not even resemble each other.

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But if we want to establish a clear difference between one and the other to be able to know if we are dealing with a medium or a seer, we only have to be attentive to a series of keys that will reveal who is what in the world of clairvoyance.

The clearest difference between a medium and a seer is that mediums do not need to use any kind of tools or instruments to see the future.
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They have a special connection with the afterlife and at any time they receive perceptions and visions of the future, being able to establish forecasts about the future of any person or any event or place.

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Seers need a means to refine their visions and perceptions and to be able to make an accurate and reliable prediction. A medium is a clairvoyant medium, but people only gifted with the ability of clairvoyance are not mediums.

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But what is the meaning of medium? A natural medium is a person who, in addition to the gift of clairvoyance, has the ability to come into contact with spirits, dialogue with people who have died and, in a state of trance, be the means by which these spiritual entities transmit their messages.
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and disclosures. In many cases, asking for help from a spirit can be very helpful in solving a problem. That is why many online psychic reading services provide people with the ability to communicate with spirits. Of course they did that not without reason. Help from the spirits is still considered very important for some communities to provide answers with a high level of accuracy.

A really transcendent and complex power that leads us to wonder what a medium feels like. The truth is that mediums suffer and go through really bitter and difficult experiences having to be transmitters of delicate and hard messages. Experiences of great spiritual depth that require temperance, serenity and a great mastery of meditation.

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