Superb Cleaner

We live in a universe that has changed quite a lot in the past few decades.
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The way we communicate has seen the most of these changes. With just a swipe of your thumb or a flick of your wrist, you are able to accomplish so much that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago. Obviously in order to have a share of this pie, we are expected to splurge hundreds of dollars on each device, so it is only natural that we hope and expect our devices to last a very long time.

Many applications have been introduced to the market promising to monitor and resolve any issues that your device may go through, throughout the day. Storage and speed are two key components that all smartphone users are concerned about. Any issue with the above two components can cause a considerable hassle in carrying out our daily tasks, which are today almost exclusively carried out using our smartphones, be it banking, school, working, entertainment, keeping in touch with family and even dating. In addition to issues related to the software, we must also be aware of the health of the hardware of our devices, because any overheating of any component, whether it’s the battery or the CPU, can cause detrimental effects on the functioning of your device.

In order to take care of all of these issues and more, Superb Cleaner was designed, so that you can carry on using your device without having to worry about its health. Superb Cleaner is a small app that carries out a gigantic service when it comes to the features it provides in protecting your entire device holistically.

Features of Superb Cleaner

  • Memory Boost: boosts your RAM by clearing all the unnecessary files taking up RAM space. With more RAM space, you get a faster and smoother experience while using your device.
  • Junk Files: Clears away all the junk cluttering up your device including Cache junk, Ad junk, obsolete junk and more.
  • Battery Saver: scans and identifies all the battery draining apps on your device, and then provides you with the option of freezing these apps, thus blocking them from running secretly in the background using up all the precious juice in your device battery.
  • Notification cleaner: organizes all important notifications into one tab, making sure that you are welcomed by organization rather than clutter when you open your device.
  • CPU Cooler: cools down your device to the optimum temperature for smooth functioning of the various processes.
  • Advanced Cleaning
  • AppLock: makes sure that apps that are at risk of leaking information are provided with extra protection.
  • Game Acceleration
  • WhatsApp Cleaner
  • Software Management: shows you all the infrequently used apps, and gives you the chance to delete them.

All most many Androids cleaner and booster has same set of features. Some junk cleaners work smoothly and fast.
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Some has nice and clean interface.
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You can try NOX Cleaner, Phone Master, AVG Cleaner, Clean Master, etc. All those junk cleaners have junk cleaner, locker, booster, etc.

Download SuperB Cleaner Apk

Direct download SuperB Cleaner apk from AC Market. Easiest and safest way to download apk files. First download and install AC Market app store. Use it search to find SuperB cleaner apk. Then click on “Free Download” button. That’s all. You can use AC Market app store to install or download any Android app or game you want for free.

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