The Craziest Fashion Trends in History

For some, winning real money from casino online Australia gaming means that they are going to buy the biggest and most expensive fashion accessories right now. But, what if one day you get to find that accessory on the weird fashion list. Here are some fashion pieces that may have made a statement back in the day but are now being regarded as weird.


This is one common fashion piece you get to see in a lot of pictures that were taken back in the day. These were shoes that will come with really long and pointy front tips. And, it was a unisex trend as well, especially in most European countries. The length of the shoe soles would have to be a half size bigger than that of the person’s shoes.   Additionally, you would have to tie the whalebone or strings to your knees in order for you to be able to work in these shoes.

The Alexandra Limp

Back in the day, limping was a fashion statement. This just goes on to highlight the power that one fashion icon can have.  The Princess of Whales, Alexandra, was one of the top fashion icons of her time and she likes online casinos canada. Therefore, you would find the elite trying to copy her style in order to fit into a particular status quo. The Princess was disabled and had a distinctive lip that required her to walk with a stick. Eventually, there are women who started walking around with sticks and a limp in a bid to copy her naturally caused disability.

Foot Binding

This has to be one of the most gruesome fashion trends in the world. The trend was common among the Chinese. Back in the day, younger women would have their feet broken and shaped as hooves. And even though this was torture, it was used to symbolize a certain status.
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Also, before the binding, the feet had to be soaked in urine and vinegar as well.
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