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The New Role of Influence In Social Media

Consider a typical conversation on the Social Web, say a potential customer who is reading a review and talking with a friend over Twitter about it. That review was written by someone, and it was written for a reason. Who that person is—think profile plus connections—provides a clue as to the motivation behind the review. Further, that review is the result of an experience that is itself driven by a business process.

Looked at in a macro sense, a potential customer reading a review is actually looking at the net result of a business process through the eyes of someone with an identifiable motive or point of view. If that motive or point of view can be understood, you can sort out the real business impact of the review (if any) and then apply this knowledge to your business and adjust as necessary your own business processes that are creating the experiences that drove that review.

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In other words, knowing who is talking about you (and not just what they are saying) is fundamental to understanding and then optimizing your processes to produce the conversations you want, and addressing and correcting the processes that drive the conversations you’d rather not see.
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Social CRM—treated in depth in Chapter 9, “Social CRM”—is the emerging discipline that does just this. Social CRM joins up a couple of existing business technologies and associated practices. The “social” component draws on the interactions between people, on relationship management, and on the study of the life cycle of that relationship and its various trigger points.

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