Understanding Australian Vaporizers and How to Find the Best Ones

If you are a smoker, be it a various dry herbs or tobacco, you are aware that this is a very unhealthy habit, but one hard to kick even when nicotine isn’t in the picture. This is an oral fixation that really sinks into the brain, and it’s why things like gums and other things to chew on are so popular for those trying to kick habits like this. However, while yes, inhaling any kind of smoke is very bad for you, especially tobacco smoke, there are other ways to enjoy your dry herbs and tobacco without having to smoke them, but still getting most of the same experience and satisfaction.

If you are at all familiar with vapes, this is a very similar concept just without the solution being vaporized.
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The same kind of heating coil, form factor, battery and usage concept are present, but you pack your dry herbs in there instead of using a liquid. This chamber is very poor in oxygen, preventing the herb from igniting when rapidly and extremely heated by the coil, and good vaporizer designs get the maximum oil extraction from the herb to not be wasteful.

Why is this so much healthier, though? Why is smoke so bad for you? It isn’t the active ingredients in most herbs and tobacco that are all that harmful, generally-speaking. It’s the ash and carcinogenic compounds produced by combustion that are both irritating, and induce a risk of cancers and various lung diseases and cardiac problems.
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When you inhale vapor, while this isn’t guaranteed to be 100% safe, it is guaranteed to be drastically safer than smoking it.

The unfortunate thing is that while this isn’t smoking, thus not producing secondhand smoke, odors or any kind of dangers, it is still often forbidden to be used anywhere that smoking is, and I suspect that this is largely trying to be fair to everybody by having a flat ban on things in certain locations. This will probably change in the future, but do bear that in mind when using these.

If you want to know how to find the best Australian vaporizers, any given vaporizer out there that is of any substantial quality will have a nice, elongated form factor but be no bigger than a small pocket flashlight. It will be compatible with the latest USB cables, it will charge rapidly and perform a long time on a charge and it will, as said before, extract the maximum oil from the herb without wasting it.

Along with this, a good model will also have a backlit LCD and some buttons that allow you to see and set the temperature as well as watch it heat up. It should heat up very quickly as well, allowing you to get satisfaction as soon as possible without waiting around for something to warm up.

If you’re interested in living a healthier lifestyle without giving up your favorite things, Shisha Glass is your one-stop shop for Australian vaporizers of superb quality and craftsmanship!

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