Warhammer 40k : The Tabletop Contest for Power 

Games come in many styles and sizes. They also come in various orientations and could be for different genders. Some of these games could be virtual, or board games meant to be played alone or with family.
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 Board games are universally accepted family fun games that often require logic and strategy.

Examples of great board games are Chess, Scrabble, Mahjong, and the likes. But there are other games that stand apart in difference and excitement and one of these is Warhammer.

What You Need to Know About Warhammer 40k

Warhammer or Warhammer 40k is a popular tabletop miniature war board game between two or more players. It is popular in Europe and played mainly in Great Britain. The game plot is set in the distant future about warring parties made up of humans, aliens, and magical creatures.
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Each group does combat with futuristic weapons and vehicles. Players take turns playing by rolling dice and applying arithmetic to the gameplay.

The rule book of the game was first published in 1989 and the latest edition in 2020. These rules guide the various ways the game and other spin-offs of it. There are other versions of the game such as Warhammer Space marine, Combat Patrol, Eldritch Omens, and Age of Sigmar.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Age of Sigmar or AoS for shorts follows the traditional tabletop war board game with the main focus on military strategies and miniature figurine painting. All figurines used in the game are sold in parts by the company, Game workshop, and its subsidiaries. Unlike classic Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar only contains humans and magical creatures like Elves, Orcs, and the likes. It works on random chances by players rolling dice.

Where to Buy Discount Warhammer Figurines 

The company that created and sells Warhammer 40k is the Game Workshop company. A Miniature model or figure could sell for about €25 and a set could be as costly as hundreds of Euros. These figurines aren’t the only thing being sold as glue, paints and other materials are needed to assemble and play. The prices for these gaming accessories are high on the Company’s website. Here are some other online retail stores where you can buy discount Warhammer figurines.
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  • Elements Games

Element Game offers Warhammer 40K and AoS figurines at discount prices. These discounts are as low as 20% off for the same great quality you will find at other online retailers. Their site is completely secured whether you choose to pay with your Credit Card or over PayPal. Shipping and delivery when stocks are available are done within 2-5 working days. Find out more about Element Games on BitzBox.

  • Wayland Games

Wayland games has offers on Warhammer figurines also from the production company. Wayland Games offer discounts on different Warhammer spin-off sets. They also sell figurines from other franchises such as DC Comics, Star Wars, and others. Access more information about Wayland on BitzBox website.


Games like Warhammer are played with passion and love. Acquiring the figurines and other materials to bring your characters to life may be expensive. To mitigate those expenses, players should visit retail shops that offer great discounts.

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