What Are the Benefits of Pod Vapes?

Pod vapes or podvapes are a specific implementation of nicotine or nicotine-free vaping technology.
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At their core, they utilize the same exact technology is any other vape, with a specially formulated juice, a battery and a heating coil and little else. The difference is in the implementation of the juice cartridges and the form factor of the vape device.

Pod vapes are reasonably cheaper in the long run, because you only purchase the device wants. This usually means that the device recharges more quickly, is of overall better build quality and performance far better. Often, the different juices are, according to many consumers, of a superior grade as well, but that’s subjective.

The primary benefits of pod vapes is that you always know what kind of device you have, so you can pick out a nice device that really meets your needs and preferences. You have to worry less about trying your vape in the store compared to things like disposables, because the juice cartridges or pods very rarely malfunction on their own.

Like any other vaping technology, this is a far healthier alternative to smoking traditional tobacco, or using smokeless tobacco. Not producing any kind of actual smoke, the entirety of these juice pods is composed of a glycerin base like propylene glycol or vegetable oil, salt nicotine and some sort of artificial flavoring. All of these are things that we are well aware of any health issues with, and they present none other than the nicotine being an obviously addictive substance in the matter how it is derived. The truth is, nicotine isn’t nearly as toxic as people think, it’s the other side effects of smoking that are the problem. Nicotine is highly addictive to humans, and has been proven to be addictive to other apes as well, but isn’t toxic unless concentrated to create an ancient New World pesticide.

Other benefits of vapes in general include the fact that there is no secondhand smoke, there is no residual odor, no waste or ash, no danger of fires due to literally holding a burning stick of tobacco in your hand and the absence of the carcinogens and irritating ash present in smoke.

If you are a dedicated vape user, pod vapes are probably your best bet in the long run. These devices can range from simple, affordable devices that you only replace occasionally to high-end rigs that last for a very long time and can be modified to your own personal interests.
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Most standard pods, which are packets a little more conveniently than traditional juice chambers, go to the simpler, occasionally replaced devices. These devices, while not lasting forever, are a higher-and form factor than the disposables, recharge quickly and are quite comfortable.
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Shopping online is the best way to get podvapes and rigs supporting pod vapes. These range from standard lines of semi-disposable devices all the way up to those high-quality, advanced designs that a lot of distinguishing vape users seek out. Shosha is your one-stop shop for all of your vaping needs in Australia and beyond!

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