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Who is a Buyer’s Agent?

Purchasing a house can feel like a daunting task. But real estate agents make this process a lot simpler. However, as a home buyer, you’ll also require to find a buyer’s agent for yourself. A buyer’s agent enables real estate buyers to navigate the market. Thus, they help them save a lot of their time and money on their journey to purchasing their new house. The agent also guides the buyer through the whole transaction. They are at your disposal if you have any doubts or questions. Buyers agents can search out properties that fulfil the home buyer’s criteria. They can negotiate the purchase of that property. According to the specific needs of the home buyer, the agent can search for a particular property or a complete portfolio. 

The Work of a Buyer’s Agent

These individuals are responsible for functioning as a resource for their clientele by guiding them through each phase of the home buying process. They take on the task as follows:

  • Finding listings – The agent will ask buyers their needs and preferences to get a picture of their ideal home. Using this data, they search for suitable properties. So if you’re looking for homes to buy in Brisbane, that’s where they’ll focus their efforts. When new listings arrive at the market, the agent will send the buyer those that match their requirements.
  • Schedule showings – The buyers will use the listings that their agent gives them and choose those they’d like to view in person. After coordinating with the corresponding listing agents, the agent will then schedule a time for buyers to take a tour of the property.
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  • Asking and responding to questions – A buyer’s agent will go with the home buyer to every showing.
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    While the home buyer is touring the place, the buyer’s agent will always be present at their side to respond to any of their queries. They also give their opinions about the property according to their expertise. The agent will also ask the FSBO seller or the listing agent certain questions that the home buyers may not know. The answers to these questions will enable the buyers to get more significant insights into the seller’s circumstances and the condition of the property.
  • Cost consultation – When the home buyer decides on a property, the agent asks the listing agent if there’s a disclosure on the property. A disclosure refers to any potential problem that the seller should reveal to the home buyer. The disclosure can impact the pricing or desirability of the property. Afterwards, the agent executes a comparative market analysis to find a suitable offering price for the house based on similar properties that have been sold in the place. 

How to Find a Suitable Buyer’s Agent?

A good buyer’s agent can make your way to homeownership seamless. But a bad one can make the whole process a bumpy ride. It’s not wise to decide on working with the first buyer’s agent whom you meet. Instead, personally interview at least three agents and ask them some questions. These include the ones mentioned below.

  • Ask about the neighbourhoods they specialize in. It would help if you found someone really familiar with the areas and places you are interested in.
  • Ask what’s their schedule and availability. You should look for an agent who’ll be readily reachable.
  • Ask how long they have been a real estate agent. You should only trust someone who has a couple of years of experience in the domain.

You might wonder what is the cost of the services of these agents? Buyers agents who bid for you will carry lower fees because much less price is involved in this process. If you want a full service that involves research, assessment, and negotiation of a property, you will have to pay a flat fee or a percentage of the property’s purchase cost.

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