Why are Volleyball Training Aids so Essential for Volleyball Players?

Volleyball is a globally popular game that everyone loves to play. From students to professionals, this game is loved by millions worldwide for its fantastic team spirit. Certain principles are associated with the game, just like any other sport. The game is played by two opposing teams from opposite sides of a net. For anyone who wants to master the game, volleyball training aids can play a vital role. Investing in a top-quality manufacturer like Acu Spike company can be beneficial in buying the best volleyball training aid.

Rules of volleyball

Volleyball is an exciting game that is played on a rectangular court, which is divided by a net. As the name suggests, the game revolves around a soccer ball size between 25 and 27 inches. Each team has six players and strives to score the maximum. Hitting, serving, or blocking each move is essential to win the game. This indoor game includes two attack lines positioned similarly from the centerline of the court.

  1. The game starts with two opponent teams, including six members each. Each team has six substitutes, but when they return, it should only be for the player who replaced them.
  2. A team is allowed to hit the ball a maximum of three times before it returns. The opponent team can try to block from hitting the maximum times.
  3. No player is allowed to step over the baseline while serving the ball.
  4. Carrying the ball with the palm or running with it is considered a violation of the rules.
  5. No player can touch the net with any of their body parts during the game.
  6. Throwing the ball under the net is not allowed.
  7. Players are not allowed to reach over the net to throw the volleyball.

Basic skills of volleyball

The game was started in 1895 by William G. Morgan, but the strategies have changed over the years. Acu Spike company strives to make the Best-Quality training aids for volleyball so that the players can sharpen the essential skills of the game. Here are the top six basic skills of volleyball that every player should know about.

Serving: It is the first significant move a player should learn to score a point. After the game starts, a player has a short time to complete the service to get the ball over the net. The ball should drop to the floor at a time until the referee blows the whistle.

Passing: It is the second most crucial move of a volleyball, which is also known as the bump. This service reception technique can effectively contact the ball in the court area. The passing move is simple, just clasp both hands together with thumbs to the ground.

Setting: The setter focuses on setting the ball, the second contact in a rally.

Spiking: The spiking technique is crucial to know to jump off the ground with the right arm swing technique.

Different types of training aids

Self-returning ball: It is an essential training aid that perfects the serving and setting techniques with ease.

Training pass rites: The training pass rites come with an aid resistance band that prevents excessive upward arm movement. Attach it to the wrists and ankles to minimize the ball contact interface.

Spike training system: Spike trainer from Acu Spike company can provide 100% customer satisfaction. It can be adjusted according to the hitter’s height. The spike training system comes with an elastic cord that can be attached to the backyard, garage ceiling, and broom handles.


This was all about volleyball and its gaming techniques. People who want to start playing the game consider regularly practicing with volleyball training aids. They can be highly beneficial by making the moves perfect! Sports brands like Acu Spike company strive to provide the best to their customers. The training aids are perfect for solo training. Before buying any training aid, consider the needs or requirements. For example, training aids for beginners will not be the same as the experienced ones. If someone is eager to focus on any particular move like passing or spiking, they can choose the training aid focusing on the need.

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