Xbit Is Giving a New Definition to Online Gaming World

Ever since the Blockchain technology came to fore, it has been making numerous changes in the world. Many different aspects and venues of the global financial system are being redefined.

This technology is swallowing everything on its path. Who says that gaming would be any different? Well, it is not.

The world of online gaming is going through the same change under the influence and also as a result of this mighty and powerful technology.

Xbit is a project that is built and developed based around Blockchain with the aim of revolutionizing the online gaming industry.

Xbit project offers a cryptocurrency and an online casino in order to enable online players to experience professional gambling with the latest technological advances in the world.

In this article, we will review all these services, including the cryptocurrency and the casino. In addition, we will also see what advantages this coin can offer users.

Cryptocurrency: Xbit Coin

Xbit coin is a cryptocurrency which was designed specifically to be used in the online gaming industry. This coin is designed based on the SHA256 algorithm. But this is the not the only cryptocurrency to use this algorithm. There are many other coins that use this standard.

This coin has its own completely independent and exclusive Blockchain network. So, unlike other coins that are built based on other Blockchain networks, Xbit is a fully independent coin with its own Blockchain.

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The total cap of Xbit is 1 billion coins, which have all been pre-mined. One billion coins are created in this network.

Online Casino Xbit

As was mentioned above, Xbit is a project that has been developed to revolutionize online gaming industry. Xbit offers an online casino based on the Blockchain technology.

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A Blockchain-based online gaming platform completely removes all the issues with the conventional gaming industry, such as scalability, lack of privacy, security, transparency, and efficiency.

Xbit puts power, privacy, and effectiveness in the hands of users and players alike.
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Casino Xbit has all the official and necessary permits and license. Casino Xbit is operated by Bit Gaming LLC, which is registered in The St.
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Vincent and the Grenadines.

Developed by the Swiss Company, Counos Platform

Xbit has been developed by the Swiss company Counos Platform. However, it is managed and operated completely separately by Bit Gaming LLC.

Counos Platform carried out the technical aspects of the project to develop a great coin with all the necessary technologies.

Counos Platform offers many services, some of which are used in this online casino; such as the Counos Payment Gateway, Counos Staking System, and also Counos Crypto Wallets, like Counos Mobile Wallet, support Xbit Coin.

The benefits of Xbit

Xbit Coin offers a lot of upsides for users. We will go through them one by one. Starting with the feature to stake  Xbit Coins. As such, the staked coins are frozen and transferrable. In return, users will receive an annual interest of 5 percent. So, in this way, owners of this coin will gain even more benefit from having it.

At the end of the year, the return for staking is determined and announced by the Xbit online casino based on specific calculations. The return is divided by 800 million to determine the return for each single coin. Therefore, Xbit coins could be considered as representative of revenue shares of casino Xbit. Since, in a way all the users and owners of the coin will benefit from the casino as well.

As the casino performs better and more and more players are attracted to its games, this increases the value of the coins that are used in this casino, which is Xbit coin.


Therefore, it can be seen that with the help of the Xbit Coin and the online Casino Xbit, players can actually taste the experience of gaming combined with the Blockchain technology. There are numerous advantages that are offers to the users and owners of the Xbit Coin.

As we saw in this article, the most important advantage is that Xbit Coin is considered to be the representative revenue share of the Casino Xbit. But of course, owners of the coin can also stake this digital currency.

In conclusion, it needs to be mentioned that Xbit can offers the advantages of Blockchain to online gamers and at the same time enable them to play thousands of online games and enjoy responsible and professional gambling.

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