Are Slots with A Multiplier Worth Playing for Real Money?

Slot multipliers are unique features found within King Casino slots that can multiply your winning by a predetermined value. The multipliers aim to double, triple, or quadruple and increase your wins.

You can encounter multipliers during free spins, bonus rounds, or the base game. Each game has its own rules regarding this symbol use. Therefore, you must understand the base game you are about to play. Also, note that symbols will multiply wins while others count towards your total bets.

Types of Multipliers

Below are the few types of multipliers available:

Base Game Multipliers

Some games have multipliers in the base game. In this type of slot, the multiplier applies the value of the winning payline. If you are playing a slot with a base multiplier, it will multiply your payline value with the multiplier it contains.

Free Spins Multipliers

In slots where multipliers are available in the free spins round, you can land the multiplier by choosing it from the hidden icons. This gives you the chance to land big bonuses and a sense of connecting with the slot and the game’s outcome.

Wild Multipliers

Another common multiplier feature comes with the special wild symbol. These symbols can substitute any symbol it matches and apply a specific bet multiplier to that symbol’s payout. For example, if three Ace symbols pay our 10x the stake, landing a wild symbol will give you 20x your stake instead.

Avalanche Reels

Slots with cascade reels have an avalanche mechanic where matched symbols clear and give way to new symbols. Every consecutive win from the new matching symbols is accompanied by a progressive multiplier that increases with each match.

Should You Play Slots with Multipliers?

You will likely get excited whenever you see a multiplier slot feature. Multipliers mean you have the chance to land a considerable payoff somewhere in future of the spins of the game. However, you need to be cautious as it may also mean that it’s the only way to get big wins in a slot, meaning the rest of the game is slowly draining your bankroll.

It is always advisable to choose a slot that has the perfect balance. For example, the Ladies Nite slot has a multiplier on the wild symbol and also during the free spins round. This gives you two chances to win a decent win both in the base game and in the free spins round.

Advantages of Playing Slots with a Multiplier

Multiplier slots have a few advantages over other slot games. Below are some of the advantages of these games.

  •         Multipliers add some thrill to the game when they land.
  •         Multipliers increase the worth of a slot’s pay table.
  •         It can increase the volatility of a slot-free spin game.
  •         Multipliers on the wild make the base game more exciting.

Generally, when used well, slots with multipliers offer a fun and easy way to make slot games more exciting. They also help increase the chances of landing a larger win.

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