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Water-Resistant Materials You Should Use In Your Bathroom

Luckily, there are numerous water-resistant types of equipment you can decide on, like the bathroom cabinets Memphis to protect your bathroom! We have listed our favourite 11 options below.
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No matter the size of your bathroom, you’ll find something perfect for protection.

1. Acrylic or PVC-

These two materials are lightweight and easy to work with when it comes to cutting shapes for tile flooring or cabinet doors. Unlike other plastics, they won’t warp under excessive heat like some other less expensive plastics do (like polyvinyl chloride.
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PVC is also resistant to natural oils and will not yellow or crack over time like other plastics.

2. Plywood-

Plywood is extremely versatile for covering your shower wall, shower floor, and even your toilet seat. It is also extremely simple to work with when cutting tiles and establishing plumbing fixtures.

3. Rubber or EPDM rubber floor tiles-

Rubber is another great solution for slippery floors like your shower. It creates a non-slip surface, which prevents you from wandering around in your shower space. This material also keeps moisture in and is an incredibly affordable material compared to tile.
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4. Painted walls-

There are several great waterproof paints on the market. We highly recommend using these paints on your bathroom walls to protect from moisture.

5. Stone or Glass mosaics-

Use these tiles for decorative and protective purposes! Both materials are strong and easy to cut, making them great for covering walls, furniture, and even cabinets.

6. Cabinet hardware-

Most stainless steel cabinet hardware like bathroom cabinets in Memphis is also waterproof. However, if you are looking for more budget-friendly options, consider purchasing these instead of buying specific waterproof cabinet doors.

7. Metal sheets-

Leave a metal sheet on the bottom of your vanity or the top of your toilet to keep water from entering your bathroom. It will also help prevent dripping, which you won’t have to deal with when installing granite countertops in your bathroom!

8. Bamboo-

These materials are a little more expensive than others, but they are incredibly lenient to establish and an incredible substitute to other alternatives like stone and glass.

9. Flooring-

If you want to cover your bathroom floor, consider using vinyl tiles or linoleum. It is durable and easy to clean and you can opt for these without a doubt.

10.Plastic laminate-

This equipment is an outstanding option for stone, glass, ceramic, and other heavy materials. It is also an affordable option as most other waterproof materials can be costly.

11.Light fixtures-

As long as you choose the right waterproof materials, you are good to go with light fixtures! Make sure you spend a little more on your electrical wires to prevent anything from getting damaged.


So there are many things for your bathroom. For example, the best way to protect your walls is by investing in waterproof paints. Our favourite brand can be seen here. However, we have also heard that Benjamin Moore is a great option. You can also import bathroom materials from other places like the bathroom cabinets in Memphis.

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